Looking for more information on how to help aid in conserving the wildlife and habitat? Check out these links below.

National Wildlife Refuge System  – The National Wildlife Refuge System has dedicated their work to provide homes for over 700 types of bird specifies, 300 specifies of amphibians, and over 1,000 fish species. Their mission is to protect and restore the resources for wildlife and offer information to future generations.

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council  – The founders of the International Wildlife rehabilitation Council aims to protect and preserve the planet through wildlife rehabilitee. IWRC provides temporary aid for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife and prepare them for release into the wild. The site also provides helpful advice and insights of issues that affect animal populations, habitats and species.

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association  – NWRA dedicates their efforts to promote wildlife rehabilitation and contribute to preserving the beauty of natural ecosystems.

The Wildlife Disease Association – The mission of the Wildlife Disease Association is to gain and apply knowledge of the vital health care of animals involved in conservation and domestication.

The Wildlife Society  – The Wildlife Society has worked hard to influence the future of animals for over 75 years to help inspire and enable professionals to help sustain populations and habitats through well-researched management and protection. With over 10,000 members, the Wildlife Society includes scientists, educations, conservators, students, and supporters who aim to spread the knowledge and take action.

The Nature Conservatory  – The Nature Conservancy helps to protect and conserve threats at a huge scale to protect the ecological lands and waters. The organization supports causes that bring attention to wildlife threats at a large scale.

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