4 Reasons why biodiversity is important

Biodiversity is what protects the planet and every organism that lives in it. The Earth is filled with life, from tiny sardines to giant blue whales. However, the past decades have shown the drastic measures of mass extinction as species are disappearing faster than ever before. In fact, the extinction rate is now a mere 115 times more than the historical rate.

So why is biodiversity making such a big deal? Here are four reasons why biodiversity is important.

Food Supply

Nearly 75% of our food supply comes from twelve species of plant as over 90% of livestock production comes from fifteen species of birds and mammals. Keep in mind that from those species also comes with the other animals that provide food and work behind the scenes.

A large range of wildlife makes crops and agriculture thrive as over 80% of plants are dependent on insect pollinators. Not only is the wildlife working to pollinate and protect our food supply there is often part of it as well. Nearly million of communities live on protein from fish.

Biodiversity Means Better Health

Biodiversity plays a role in the human health as our bodies require nutrition that strengthens our bodies against various illness and diseases. Studies show that more than 70% of plant species have been found to contain anti-cancer properties as well as other beneficial health properties.

Clean Ecosystems

With fresh ecosystems, we must expect the diverse habitats of clear air from old forests to the ocean phytoplankton. The forests are what helps soil absorb more water to reduce floods, filter contaminants, and limit erosion. Soil also provides food as well as help nutrients transfer through the soil to enhance the health and more.

Strengthens Resilience

Biodiversity also provides natural insurance that ecosystems provide the help they need to maintain function. Biodiversity also increases the rates of photosynthesis and buffers the community against disease.

What do you think about the importance of biodiversity? How will it affect you? Comment below and share your opinions with us!