About Us

Welcome to Sonoma Wetlands magazine.

We are the voice for wildlife, animals, and species as we dedicate our time to protect the animals and their habitat as well as inspire our generation to do more to save the beauty of wildlife.

Sonoma Wetlands believes that as humans, we must share the responsibility and obligation to conserve protect and build our heritage for the lives of animals, neighbors, ourselves and the future generations to come.

We believe that our planet’s wildlife have a birthright to live freely as we have a duty to lead the right resources and use the best available science. Our role is to support the animals that live among us and protect their habitats with fresh lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, coast waters, forests and more.

As human beings, we have the right to enjoy sustainable outdoor recreation responsibly and address the effects of climate change. Our mission is to continue moving forward and best the best possible clean energy sources to make communities, wildlife habitat and the overall environment much more resilient.

Sonoma Wetlands believes that it is our responsibility to enrich the knowledge and lives of our youth to instill the ethic of conservation better and embrace the beauty of wildlife conservation.